Milk Alternatives

Now that you are going to eliminate cow’s milk (and goat milk too please) this means that the following milk products as well: milk, cheese. whey. yogurt, sour cream. cream cheese. buttermilk, and ice cream. The one saving grace is that butter has minimal amounts of lactose and is usually well tolerated. Extra-old Parmesan cheese (Reggiano) also has minimal lactose due to the aging process, so pasta dishes can still taste great. Buy the Reggiano in a solid block and grate it yourself.

Caution: Make sure that you are not intolerant to soy before you start substituting soy products for milk products.

Milk Alternatives

There are several milk alternatives available: rice, almond, oat, or soy.

I like rice milk or almond milk on my cereal. Almond milk, oat milk, or soy milk all work well for puddings. To replace milk in baked goods I use water. You could use any of the alternatives listed above, or even fruit juice.

Cheese Alternatives

  • There are more and more cheese alternatives coming out all the time. Rice cheese, almond cheese, and tofu cheese are all good.
  • Do not expect the taste to be the same as cow’s milk cheese. I use the alternative cheeses mainly melted in grilled cheese sandwiches, in casseroles, in wheat-free lasagna, and on pizzas.
  • Tofu cream cheese or rice cream cheese is great on toasted rice bread with all-fruit jam (it reminds me of cheesecake), or on 100o/o rye bread with tomato slices and alfalfa sprouts.

Yogurt Alternatives

  • soy yogurts
  • coconut yogurt
  • almond yogurt
  • home-made cashew yogurt (I make this one)

Ice Cream Alternatives

  • Rice Dream frozen desserts (made of rice with no additional sweetener)
  • Soy Delicious (rice, soy, and dehydrated cane juice)
  • Pure fruit juice sorbets (with no additional sweetener) by Cascadian Farms and Sweet Nothings such as Mango-Raspberry Sorbet or Raspberry Swirl
  • Milk-free coconut ice cream