Improve Your Psychic Abilities

The journey to connect to Spirit (Self, God, Universe, Angels, Source) starts in different ways for different people. Mine (Monica Levin) started a long time ago because of my health. In my quest to feel healthier I was lead to an holistic nutritionist who did muscle testing for food intolerances. She tested me and my journey began with foods. As all journeys do, mine transformed. In my case the journey evolved from the physical into the emotional, then the mental, then the spiritual, then the mental again.

In this website I share some information and a few techniques that I found useful and that will help you improve your psychic abilities:

How To Improve Your Psychic Abilities

You are intuitive. You are psychic. You can improve your psychic abilities with a little bit of help. Try this meditation which is a shorter version of the inner guidance communication meditation available through this website.